Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 9 The Itch Begins

(This blog post is dedicated to my younger brother, who has been doing a fine job of sending me passive aggressive text messages regarding my lack of blog posting.)

So it's day 9 and I can officially say I have started to feel itchy. Much like a crack addict with no crack, or a politician with no bribe offers. My brain is starting to get all guilty-conscience on me: "Hey, you know what would be good right now? Your Xbox, which by the way you've been neglecting. 9 days? How many more to go? Oh well, its not like you paid a lot of money for the thing." I think it is working against me, trying to trick me.... "Look in the box!!! It's your old game boy! Don't you remember how fun it was? If a game is 10 years old it doesn't count right? You still own pokemon... pokemon... POKEMON!!!!"

Needless to say, I want to play video games really bad. But oh well, the project goes on.

So quick update. I went to the library and paid my substantial fees. I needed a new card, which would have cost me two dollars, but the fee was waved since I was handing over a fist full of dollars anyway.
And here is what I got....
.... just enough knowledge to bring on the startling realization that I am in way over my head. You could say I am a bit... lost in the woods...

I believe I have settled on a fairly easy first project. I am going to build boxes. They will be wooden boxes, of course, in which I will put dirt. Lots of dirt.

I have begun to purchase some of my needed tools.

These gloves are awesome and I will be using them a lot. Remember those sweaty hands I mentioned? They will be stylishly covered in these durable, yet breathable, work gloves. Thank you, Lowe's.

Here will be my main weapon, my Excalibur if you will. With it I will maim and destroy wood-kind, breaking both its will and its spirit, in order to bend its body to my desires. Sound devious? Yes, yes it is, thus is the feeling you get when you hold a saw of this awesome magnitude. Also, it has interchangeable blades. It takes care of both my need for deviousness and my lack of decisiveness.

The last tool I will show is this handy dandy coping saw. As you can tell, it is not as destructive as the prior saw. This one is used for more delicate maneuvers.

I was hoping that it had the dual purpose of helping one cope with issues. But this is not so. No matter how long I hold it, I still hear, "Pokemon?"

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  1. Great project and awesome blog. Looking forward to following your journey!